B2B Marketing – What To Do Right In 2016.

Content is the King – The customer is researching online to find products and services that provide efficiency, productivity, and expertise. Thus when it comes to content, more than the numbers, quality is the focus. Though content creation and publishing is required on a regular basis, content must priorities on the requirements of the target audience.
Training is inevitable in Marketing – Technology available for marketing teams is huge and continues to grow. It’s vital that B2B marketers have the right technology to make investing in the relationships with current and potential customers more efficient. Marketers use technology for online advertising, social media management, content development, project management, lead nurturing, big data analytics, etc. A company can have the best of the best technology, but if its users don’t know how to use it properly to meet the company objectives or to its full potential, then it’s a wasted investment.
Everything is Measurable, Yet Effective Measurement Remains a Challenge – Being able to produce business results like ROI, customer retention, and market share gains are critical to have access to and from marketing programs. The question is – what should you be measuring? There needs to be clearly defined expectations for each area. Then, you can determine what you want to measure.
For example, you may have an amazing blog post that drives a lot of traffic to your website and creates more awareness for your company; however, those views may not turn into sales right away. It can take up to 6 to 8 touches before a purchase is made. So, that first view may put that person on the path to making a purchase later down the road. Therefore, it’s important to consider carefully what and how you will measure your marketing efforts.
Quarter one of 2016 is almost over…has your marketing team focused on these areas? If not, you should consider making some changes to your overall B2B marketing strategy. If you need help with your marketing strategy, contact us!

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